All of the selected Photos; all originals taken by me.

14-July-2020 - Interlude

Why select one, when you can select all?

7-July-2020 - Context

I like taking photos of things from an entirely different perspective than you would expect. This is of an architectural detail of a new building, just super close up & directly framed.

30-June-2020 - Warning - A & B are a trap!

There are stories in this photo. I took is using a 50 year old lens, coupled with a new DSLR camera; that’s one story. The gardening gloves themselves, is the other.

23-June-2020 - The Longhand World

This particular man-made construction, can be seen for tens of miles. It’s positioned almost in the middle of nowhere, on a tiny road that climbs steeply. Getting closer, two things occur. 1, the shear scale of it. 2, the curiously over-the-top security around the place. Now, I’m not saying that it is weaponising bats or anything like that, but it does feel more than a little unsettling. I took this photo on a drive-by; I didn't stop long!

16-June-2020 - Effort vs Effort

Tea has a long, complicated, and at times a morally dubious, history. In terms of a drink, it is the method by which I consume the most amount of liquid. I’ve taken to including it in my daily water-intake amount, which means I can easily reach my daily target. I would say that I drink 6 to 10 cups (mugs actually) per day. The process of making, and the act of drinking, tea, enriches my life somehow. After completing this, I’m off to have a rewarding cup of tea.

9-June-2020 - The Language of Words

I took this whilst staying at the wonderful 25hours hotel in Zurich. This was the delightfully crazy lift lobby. I just love the odd florescent green lighting, and the random typography on the bare concrete walls. The rest of the hotel was equally as “interesting”.

2-June-2020 - Beige Rectangles

There are doors. There are doors with history. Then there is this door. I took this in Florence, Italy. It was a small door to a jewellers; full of life.

19-May-2020 - The Mashmallow & Jelly Wars

For a long while, I was in charge of this. I still have no idea what any of those knobs do.

12-May-2020 - Episode vs Series

Taken in Cambridge, I can’t remember where this goes. I think I’d like to find out…

5-May-2020 Collecting

I have no idea what this is, what it’s used for, or anything about it (other than it’s location when I took that photo). It does though, have that certain difficult-to-describe appeal.

28-April-2020 - Words are a funny ole thing

I was walking over a bridge with glass barriers. One had been smashed. Naturally, I got onto my hands an knees, and took a photo of it.

21-April-2020 - Connections

I took this photo on a woodland walk. It’s not the broken wood that I find interesting, although the texture is a visual treat, no it’s the flourish of the orange fungi. It is as if life itself is bursting out.

14-April-2020 - The Words of Movies

There is a story about when I took this photo. There is a story about the time that has passed. There is a story about where that door goes to.

7-April-2020 - Stressful Calm

This is a bookshop that I actually visited. They were not stock taking, or unpacking a load of books, this was the working position of the shop. I expect that there was a mixture of stress about the books falling over, but which was more than offset by the reassuring knowledge that you definately had the book! A magical place, for sure.

31-March-2020 - The Wrong Way

Taking a photo of something boring from a different perspective, can make it more interesting.

24-March-2020 - The Gibberish of Rhubarb

The magical multi-layered city. Taken from a 1979 Grundig Video 2000 system, these small folk are living their cosy little electrical dream.

17-March-2020 - No one is looking; no one is listening

This weekend, as I ambled around from somewhere I can’t remember to somewhere I have no recollection, I looked up at the sky. I was actually checking to see if it was going to rain; I had no coat. This is what I saw. An unexpected delight. We should have more unexpected delights.

10-March-2020 - Trying to remember

Just glance down. Look at the life you are stepping over …

3-March-2020 - Just thinking …

The wonderful texture, visually and actually, of old books.

25-February-2020 - Cracks in Reality

There are all kinds of textures around. I like to take a moment here and there, to look at them.

18-February-2020 - I have no idea what I’m doing

Just some land, and some sky.

11-February-2020 - Finishers & Completionists will kill us all

Look for beauty and intrigue, in the simplest of things.

4-February-2020 - Full English Breakfast

You sometimes don’t need to know the history of a photo, to know its history

28-January-2020 - on-off tribalism

I remember walking past this shop in Florence, Italy. I’ve never wanted a shop, but if I did, I would want it to be like this.

21-January-2020 - Scrolling Entertainment

So one night, this happened…

14-January-2020 - Music Transportation

You sometimes have the best ideas, whilst having a pint with a friend & munching on Branston Pickle Mini Cheddars.

7-Janaury-2020 - Creative Place

The calm that an English Pint of Ale can provide …

31-December-2019 - Time

Sometimes you need to take a moment, for yourself.

24-December-2019 - Noise Disappearance

Removing all the noise and fuss, can create something rather nice.

17-December-2019 - Journey; semi-colon

The end of a long journey, what ended being the start of a new journey.

10-December-2019 - Magical Pie

Sometimes we need to take a moment to look up …

3-December-2019 - Warning Lights

Change your exposure, to get a different view

26-November-2019 - Debate

It’s that, “oh I need something warm”, time of year…